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The consumer goods service of Seaport Controllers International offered to all levels of the trade comprises the quality inspection of the raw materials and / or semiprocessed products going into the manufacture of any given type of consumer goods and the supervision of the latter's production.
The surveillance is supported by the stray taking of articles off the production line and a close inspection of their conformity with the quality specified for the particular consumer product.

The preparation of consumer goods for the retail shelf by neutralizing, fitting price tags and other labels and by carrying out finishing touches such as polishing, pressing and/or packing is part of our consumer goods service and, depending on the client's wish, is carried out by us either at the factory or at one of our warehouses.

In addition, we offer tallying, packaging, repackaging, container stuffing and stripping, distribution to the sales outlets and complete warehouse logistics.

Checking marking and quantity of consumer goods

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