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It is costly to discover only upon arrival that goods purchased abroad, and especially overseas, do not conform to contract quality or make or have not been delivered in the quantity or packing as ordered. To prevent such mishap, Seaport Controllers International offers a pre-shipment inspection service for a great variety of technical and consumer goods, either carried out at seller`s plant or place of shipment prior to loading and inclusive of monitoring the application of quality control standards and manufacturer`s end of production line product tests.

Our findings as to the product`s functioning and it`s conformity with contract specifications are laid down in a certificate.

We recommend a contract clause stipulating payment to be subject to the supplier presenting to the buyer, along with all other documents, a clean certificate issued by Seaport Controllers International.

Prompt reporting

Documentation: Detailed reports and/or certificates are issued promptly upon completion of operations. They give all relevant and required information on the work carried out.

Inspecting proper packing prior to shipment

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